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Ethereum for all your networks!

2 November 2017

Devcon 3, Cancún

Péter Szilágyi

Ethereum Team Lead

Birth of a DApp

Early hacking via Remix or similar tools

Test driven via Truffle or similar tools

Integration of a DApp

Deployment on Ropsten or similar network

Perfect environment... until it goes boom 💥

¹ Raiden 😇       ² Rinkeby / Kovan       ³ Faucets

Run your own network?! 😱

Mixed bag of treats

Uhm... yeah... hmm...


Chapter I – Genesis™

Define genesis state and protocol rules

Repeat for all desired clients (5)

Parity config snippet (20 lines out of 155) 😱

Chapter II – Eyes in the Sky™

Deploy network monitoring daemon

Reconfigure login secret and IP blacklist

Chapter III – Birth of a Nation™

Deploy entry point into the network

Chapter IV – The Gold Rush™

Deploy transaction processor for the chain

Reconfigure block limits and gas prices

Chapter V – Raiders of the Lost Block™

Deploy blockchain exploration service

Chapter VI – WALL·E™

Deploy user friendly online wallet

Chapter VII – El Dorado™

Deploy public test funding service

Reconfigure funding policy and auth providers

Chapter VIII – Inside Out™

Gather all services and guides together

Update available services and expand guides

Thank you

Ethereum Team Lead

Gophers drawn by Renee French
Puppeth drawn by Alex Van de Sande
"This is fine" drawn by Ashley McNamara
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